Colorado Rocky Mountain Goat Photography Tour


My 2017 Season has concluded.


I'll be offering private trips again in the months of July and August of 2018



All sessions by appointment during scheduled weeks.


Attendance: 3 attendees per session maximum .


Cutoff Date: Two days before each session


Price per session: $ $175 (Transportation from Denver and lunch provided)


Cancellation Policy


This is an ideal day outing for the amateur photographer who wants to experience Mountain Goats in the wild.  Be you local to the Denver area or visiting Colorado, you'll not want to miss out on photographing these unique animals in their natural environment.


Enjoy this wildlife photography workshop on Mt. Evans, Colorado. With stunning panoramic views and an abundance of wildlife, you'll not want to miss this photo tour for some of the finest photography in Colorado. Our primary photographic subject will be the Rocky Mountain Goats that inhabit the area near the summit, however, there are other treats just waiting to be photographed. Pika, big-horn sheep, marmots, elk and a host of other critters can be found on this fourteener.

The Rocky Mountain Goats can only be found in the Mountain Ranges of North America and there is no better place to photograph them than on Mt. Evans. You'll experience these magnificant creatures up close as they are quite habituated to the presence of humans. In some instances, you may be only a few feet away from these docile and curious animals. The baby goats will be out in force and playful this time of year as well.

You'll also find Mt. Evans to be a beautiful place for landscape photography. With scenic mountain peaks in most directions, you'll experience photography from the top of the world. Additionally, Mt. Evans is home to the bristlecone pine tree, one of the oldest living plants in the world with life spans up to 5,000 years.

Each day will be a dawn till dusk adventure. We'll meet up in the west Denver metro area at the Golden I-70 park & ride both days and I'll take the group to the top of the mountain where we will have a morning and afternoon photography session on both days of the workshop. We'll take a lunch break in Idaho Spring after the morning session and return to the mountain in the afternoon for more photography. As the old song goes, second verse, same as the first. We'll spend the second day repeating the process, as no two days are alike. The sessions will end in time to get us back to Denver before dark.

These sessions are for photographers of any skill level, from beginner to professional. I'll be there to teach you wildlife photography fundamentals and to share my own techniques. Most of our day will be spent above 10,000 feet, so this workshop isn't for people with breathing and health issues. While there will not be a lot of hiking, there will not be a lot of oxygen at this altitude and breathing can be labored. In additions, the climate is normally cold and windy, so you'll want to prepare yourself for those conditions as well.

I'll be hosting these individualized session in July and August.  The workshops will be held, rain or shine. Payment in full is due in advance. You can read my cancellation / refund policy by clicking the link at the top of this page.

If you'd like to sign up you may contact me by telephone and register with your credit card over the phone at 303-948-1972.

Or fill out a contact form at this link.  I'll get back to you quickly.

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